Presenting Micah Eason Wells

Friday, February 10, 2006

Well, Rachel woke me up at 5 am this morning. I usually don’t like that too much, but asking me to take her to the hospital to have a baby is a good reason, I guess! Conner at least waited until 6…but at least Micah didn’t pull a 3am job on us!

So, now its 7:30 – moms have been called, Conner is with Ruth Ann and I’m not going to be shelving any books at Barnes and Noble today!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

…10pm. Things have finally settled down around here. Micah did not fool around this morning! At 7:30 Rachel was at a 2 and by 10:30 she was at a 7! (to the guys who don’t know what that means…she was truckin!)

She pushed once and he crowned (I could see his head) – the doctor came in she pushed 2 ½ more times and Micah was here at 11:41. Weighing in at 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long Micah is a pound bigger and almost an inch longer than his big brother was.

We’d had to call our families back and tell them that Micah was moving along a lot faster than we expected, but both sets of grandparents still got here within an hour of the big arrival. The rest of the afternoon was pretty much a blur. My whole family was here and everybody but Ira was able to make it in from Rachel’s side. We all hung out here in the hospital room for quite a while – I think everybody had a great time. Rachel has been feeling really good and is already moving around quite well.

The coolest thing to happen this afternoon was when Conner got here. He came in and after a short love affair with some cookies, wanted to hold Micah. So he crawled up in Rachel’s lap and I put little man in his. Without having to be told even once, Conner was very careful and kept one arm under Micah’s head and with the other hand touched his cheeks and kept saying, “It’s okay Micah, it’s okay.” It was awesome!

Rachel and I have had some really good time with the baby this evening. He’s eating pretty well and is very alert when he is awake. It’s amazing how he already has his own personality, which is very different from Conner. He doesn’t really cry that much (yet) and seems pretty content to just chill wherever he’s at. By this point, Conner was already letting us know exactly what he wanted to do…except how to make him eat.

We are so very grateful that God blessed us with a strong, healthy baby boy. We realize that these types of miracles are not promised and when they come there is little else to do but praise God for his goodness! We’ve been dreaming about this day since last October and while neither of us have fully healed from the baby we never got to meet, words cannot express the joy we are feeling tonight – Micah is finally here.

I’m sure that this post is barely coherent, but that’s appropriate because I don’t feel all that coherent right now…

All the siblings and parents had their digital cameras out so I’ll be uploading more pictures soon. (and for my theology nerd friends, I still have more to say about postmodernism and spiritual formation…but it’ll have to wait!)


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  1. Congratulations!

  2. YEAH BOI!!! bret i am sooo happy for you. i had actually planned to visit you at B+N on friday… but i guess that didn happen. neway i would love to recomend the jack johnson soundtrack to curious george because it is amazing… and more importantly kid friendly. connor should enjoy it as well. i pray that you and rachel are well. much love and missing,

  3. Michael Potthoff

    Congrats! I just happened to find this blog at the right time! We pray God’s blessing on your family!!

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