The Great Cloud of Witnesses

Recently Matt Tapie transformed his blog into a group project known as Two Cities. This blog has five members, including Matt and myself, Nate Bostian, David Wray and Hunter Baker – you can find links to all five’s profiles in the right-hand column of Two Cities.

The purpose of our project is to create an orthodox and ecumenical online community dedicated to the relationship between the City of God and the City of Man – which is to say, the relationship between Christian and secular culture.

Several of my posts from Deep Wells will re-appear on Two Cities or may occasionally be posted in both places simultaneously. I encourage both of my readers – yes, even you mom – to check out Two Cities and leave your feedback. Don’t be afraid to join the “great cloud of witnesses” it rarely turns out like the picture above!

if you have trouble following the above link to Two Cities, the web address is

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  1. Michael Potthoff

    I need to ask you a deep theological question!?! How do you get the blogger nav bar out of your blog design. I want to take mine off of my blog design but I cannot find it anywhere in the HTML???? How did you do it ??

  2. Michael,

    Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

    The reason I don’t have a navbar is that I’m not using one of the official blogger templates. There is a link under “other sites” labeled “Blogger Templates” – check it out. It is a site with free, blogger friendly templates that you can use. It isn’t the only site of its kind, but it had the best options for me. You have to know a little html because it takes some tinkering once you paste it in (for instance the comment section wouldn’t work on its own and I had to create my own image for the bar across the top).

    I think its worth it though. Good luck!!

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