The Swamp Ate My Homework

As much as I know that people love seeing my son’s smiling face when this blog pops up, I must admit that I’m way overdue on a new post.

I blame the swamps. Their ill-effects are legendary and potent. Think of all the songs about creepy things happening in swamps:

Well, if you ever go back into Wooley Swamp,
Well, you better not go at night.
There’s things out there in the middle of them woods
That make a strong man die from fright.
Things that crawl and things that fly
And things that creep around on the ground.
And they say the ghost of Lucius Clay gets up and he walks around.

And if Charlie Daniels said it, it must be true.

Of course I also, “wonder where the Louisiana sheriff went to?…Sure can get lost in the Louisiana bayou.”

All of that is to say that I believe the Louisiana swamps are directly responsible for my 6 month long writing draught, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Hey, why is there a thin layer of fog rolling into my office?…


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