Progress, Good and Unsettling

I am writing this post from the cockpit of Wellsforce 1 (our minivan) as we soar through the hill country of Texas. Last night was our fundraising dinner in San Antonio. It was great, we saw some old friends – some of whom we haven’t seen since January 2003 when we left Corpus Christi. These folks were very supportive and encouraging. While fundraising remains low on the list of things I enjoy doing, the opportunity to share our dreams and visions with people is a different matter all together.

And that’s really how I’ve begun to see these dinners and conversations with individuals. I’m definitely still asking folks to consider partnering with us financially, but that is just one aspect. After our dinner last night on of the guys there came up to me with obvious excitement in his eyes: “This is the future,” he said. Tristan is in the military, and as he listened to me describe our vision for planting missional communities throughout the south Fort Worth area, he quickly caught the vision. As we talked he mentioned the possibility for teaching these missional principles to men and women in the military, who would then carry them with them as they travel all over the world. His enthusiasm was very encouraging.

We are very confident that the date of our relocation is drawing near…hopefully we’ll have something specific to update soon.

However, there are other issues, as you may be aware, that are causing us some concern. As Hurricane Gustav continues to strengthen just south of the Gulf we are prayerful for the people of Cuba and anxiously awaiting what path the storm will take tomorrow and Monday. As you have probably heard (the media loves this kind of story) the 3 year anniversary of Katrina was yesterday. Folks in the New Orleans area who were there Pre-K are saying that this storm has reminded them a lot of that one.

It could well be that any storm near the Gulf right now would be reminding our neighbors of past experiences, but in any case, will you lift up prayers on our behalf? Specifically I’d ask that you petition God for his Spirit of peace – that which is available even in the midst of chaos.

We of course also ask that God will protect us from the elements. We do not pray that it will turn and thus inflict damage on someone else; we pray that the Lord will deliver all of his children. We are mindful today of those in Cuba, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. I rejoice that we do not serve a regional god, only powerful enough to be concerned with one people group; our God is mighty to save all whom he loves…and that, my friends is all of us.

Because of the scheduling of our fundraising dinner we have, in effect, already evacuated. Bret, Rachel, Conner, Micah, Josiah, Chicory, two vehicles, wedding pictures and important documents, three softies (and the Coach/Freds…see Rachel’s blog), extra pull-ups, diapers and formula, two computers and all of the Backyardigans movies are safe and sound in Singleton, TX. My books are still in Mandeville though…

Should the storm make landfall in or near New Orleans we will keep you updated on any disaster relief needs. In the meantime, let us lift a chorus of prayers to our father and express our gratitude for the gift of technology that gives everyone forewarning of events like hurricanes.


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