I think its Tuesday…

Well we discovered today that the weather channel is in fact NOT the only thing on my parents television. I’m pretty sure that today is Tuesday, but everything has pretty much run together for the last several days.

We’re still in Texas. I was hoping to head home today so that I could start checking in on folks that decided to stay. But the parish borders are still closed to people returning. My plan at this point is to finish gathering supplies today and head out early tomorrow morning. I’ve talked with one of our neighbors who said that they had some damage from a tree falling, but nothing major. He didn’t think there was anything wrong on our house – that they could see from the outside anyway. There are several trees down in our area and water was a bit high, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be measuring life in pre and post-Gustav terms as we have done with Katrina.

Our landlord is going by our property today to check things out. I also talked to Russell Wiggins. They didn’t have any major damage and their power is back on – it was out for about 24 hours. But the water in our parish is not safe to drink yet.

I’ve already received phone calls from concerned friends and out-of-state churches expressing their willingness and readiness to come in and help with clean-up. At this point I don’t know what to ask for, but we will keep everyone updated. It is very encouraging to know that so many people are willing to lay everything aside in order to help others – I can definitely see Christ at work in your lives.

We thank God for answering prayers and now we continue praying as three more systems threaten the Atlantic coast…


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