What Does it Look Like?

A commonly recurring conversation these days centers on the question, “What does it look like to really actually live and be church this way?” If you aren’t sure about the setting of this conversation check out my recent post on Questions.

So, in my last post I referred to David Fitch who currently serves as one of the pastors at Life on the Vine Christian Community – a church he helped plant in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He is also a professor at Northwest Seminary where he heads up the M.A. in Missional Church Ministry…I kinda wish I knew about that program 8 years ago when I started grad school…

Well, it seems that Chris and I are going to have to take measures against David Fitch because he has apparently been eavesdropping on our conversations about being church in our community. 

Disclaimer: tongue planted firmly in cheek – in reality, we would be skipping gleefully if someone (anyone) thought our conversations were worth eavesdropping!

Any-who, David’s most recent post on Instilling Missional Habits in a Congregation is worth reading. It is short and it is pretty much verbatim how we’re encouraging participants in the Christ Journey to see and function in this community. So, if you want to hear someone smarter than us speak with brevity on the issue check it out.

This way of living is so very difficult here in the Bible Belt because many people (even those with no church background to speak of) have firmly established concepts of church as place and church as a worship service. Transitioning to life shared in way of Jesus is counter-cultural – for both the “secular” and the “religious” cultures of our area.


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  1. You’re funny. And you’re right — it does sound exactly like some of the stuff that’s being said around here…

  2. To those who are confused, I didn’t make that comment…I’m guessing it was my wife!

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