Update to Important Announcement

So…Happy day after April Fools day!

Here are the top 5 reasons that I would not be heading up a Lakewood Church plant…

5. They’ve never, ever, ever heard of me. Wouldn’t really matter if they had…but they haven’t.

4. They would never, ever want to hire me if they ever did hear of me…which, again, they haven’t.

3. I’m not tall enough to be a mega-church pastor.

2. I agree that God wants us to have our best life now, but I fundamentally disagree with Joel Osteen on how we should understand the meaning of that statement.

1. While I can appreciate that people, perhaps even MANY people, have come to or come back to faith because of the warm and fuzzy Lakewood message, I also appreciate that many people have come to faith in terribly toxic fundamentalist and extremely loopy liberal theological circles. None of which are theological platforms I endorse or could in good conscience perpetuate – even by proxy.

I want to thank my friends who would not for one second believe that I would sell my soul in such a way and I’m a little unsettled that a couple family members took the bait. 😉 My only consolation is that they claim they didn’t realize I was referring to Joel Osteen’s church. I’m going to choose to believe that! And my heart is strangely warmed that they thought (as only loving parents could) that mega-church headhunters would seek me out…but seriously people, they’ve never, ever, ever heard of me!


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