Prayer for Wednesday

Wednesday – Gratitude for the Global Community
Lord God, we rejoice and are grateful that you hear the cries of the orphan in Uganda, the terrified in Afghanistan, the weary but hopeful in Libya, the oppressed in China, the silenced in North Korea, the poor in Brazil, the devastated in Japan and the desperate in Haiti. We thank you God that we can lay our heads down at night knowing that you are fully aware of the situation that each person on this planet is experiencing. We are grateful Jesus that you are continually calling your disciples to action across the globe.
We are grateful, Lord, that we have the opportunity to hear the stories of your children all over the world and we thank you, Lord, that these stories can teach, transform and inspire us, just as they also often convict, chastise and bring us to lament. We thank you, O Lord, that you are not a regional God…you are the Father of all!
If you regularly watch, read or listen to world news, listen for something happening in the global community that you can express gratitude to God for. If you don’t usually check in on these things, (probably because its so depressing) try doing so today with an eye toward gratitude and thanksgiving.

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