Prayer for Thursday

Thursday – Gratitude for God’s Solidarity with the Poor and Oppressed
Come, let us bow down and bend the knee: let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.
God, we confess that we regularly fail to love the least as you have called us to do. We rejoice that our weakness reveals your strength, because we know that you have not forgotten the plight of the poor. We pray, Lord, that no one today finds themselves without hope, without a glimpse of the empty tomb. We thank you God that continue to proclaim hope to those in seemingly hopeless situations. We ask God that you will enable us to see the opportunities we have today to reflect your love for those that society has forgotten, that circumstances have been harsh toward, that others have neglected or abused.
We thank you God that you continue to give us new opportunities to love. And we thank you God that so often when we open our eyes to the people behind the label “poor,” we find generosity, compassion, love and wisdom far beyond our own.
Today, make eye contact and extend a simple acknowledgment of shared humanity to someone you may have normally ignored, missed or dismissed. Take a few minutes to listen and look for reasons to express gratitude to God for this beloved child.

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