Prayer for Tuesday, May 3

Prayers for Wisdom in Our Local Community

God of Wisdom, we lift before you all those in our community who are tasked with making decisions which affect the lives of those who live in this area, and beyond. We ask for you to pour out your wisdom on the mayor, city council, city planners, school board, detectives, fire marshals, code inspectors, landlords, home owner’s associations, teachers and educational administrators, public health officials, social workers, counselors and all who work and labor on behalf of the community. We ask God that you will guide the decision making processes so that justice is not overlooked in the name of profit or expediency. Father we ask for wisdom to see and act on opportunities to bless, encourage and assist these individuals and groups; we ask for the wisdom and courage to speak out, hold accountable and still assist them when needed as well. Send your reign on this community, O God of Wisdom.

Take a moment to speak with, email or somehow communicate with a decision-maker in your local community today. Let them know that you pray for God’s wisdom and discernment in their work (and then take a moment to actually pray for them by name). Ask what you can do to encourage, bless or assist them.


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