A Prayer for Labor Day

Holy God, we cry out to you on behalf of all those who struggle daily for sustainable income; those who have searched for employment and have been met instead with rejection; for those plagued by structures and systems which block their ability to work – including the system of corporate sin which marginalizes the weak and that of personal sin, by which we make destructive choices hindering our ability to maintain employment.

Lord we ask for rest and rescue for those who feel trapped in jobs which are unhealthy, dehumanizing, unethical or even illegal. Where our situations are the result of – and capable of being resolved through – our own conscious decisions, we ask for wisdom and courage. Where they are a result of priorities or goals contrary to the values of your kingdom, we pray for conversion of our hearts and obedience to your will. Where they are a result of the goals, priorities and decisions of others, we pray for your deliverance and protection.

Almighty One, for those who have honest employment of whatever kind, we thank you. We ask, Lord, for your Spirit to strengthen our spirits in order to carry out our responsibilities, whatever they may be, as though we were performing them directly for You. We desire to honor your name and proclaim your kingdom in all we do.

We pray also for the women and men who devote countless hours managing household matters, caring for children, elderly family or others, in partnership with a spouse or other family member who works outside the home. We pray that you will keep loneliness and isolation at bay. We ask you, O God, to strengthen these relationships of mutual support and encouragement – give each partner eyes to see and appreciate the contribution of the other.

In all things, Most Holy God, we put our hope in you. Where we have learned first hand the insecurity of job security, we pray that you will reveal to us first hand the security of faith in your provision. Where we are guilty of trusting too much in our own efforts, we pray that you will gently restore within us hearts that trust first in you.


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