A Prayer for Friday, September 9

A clear voice of hope and reconciliation from the Church

Father, in the face of a day filled with memories of both evil and heroism, prepare the hearts and the voice of your church. Let your people be known for compassion, grace and mercy just as you have made yourself known to us. We pray for your mission of reconciliation in the midst of all creation – we acknowledge our calling to participate in this mission and we confess the many ways in which we have failed to live into our calling.

We praise you God, for the ways that you have led us into reconciliation with others. We rejoice because of the ways in which disciples of Jesus have proclaimed the new life in your kingdom through their actions. We ask for you to open our eyes to the similar opportunities you have placed in front of each of us.

Wherever we encounter voices of fear, distrust, violence, greed, selfishness and coercion, give us words and actions of faith, hope and love in response. We pray that our faith will not lead us to abandon the world, but will propel us into reconcile with those who are estranged, reclaim the things which have been stolen by sin, and remake that which has been broken. Lord, we acknowledge that this is your mission, not our own, and we thank you for inviting us to join in something so substantial.


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