My name is Bret Wells. My wife, Rachel, our three sons, Conner, Micah and Josiah and I live in Burleson Texas.
I am a missionary, a dreamer, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a life-long student, a husband, father and a child of the Living God.

Early in 2006, after nearly a decade of work in youth ministry with several churches throughout Texas, we moved to the New Orleans area where I worked in outreach ministry and later preaching for the Tammany Oaks Church of Christ in Mandeville. Life in south Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina was certainly an experience of wandering in the wilderness. However, as is often the case, the Spirit worked to open my eyes to beauty that only God can redeem in the midst of such chaos.

While connecting with many broken, hurting and often cynical people, I got my first taste of what a more missional life could actually look like  – the concept was moving beyond the pages of textbooks and conversations in Sunday School. I began preparing sermons at IHOP, made friends at Starbucks and CC’s…for the first time in my adult life, I had several developing friendships with non-Christians. Somehow I found myself praying in parking lots at 2 am – at the request of a self-professed anti-Christian. In the midst of these changes, we began to discern a call to return home to Texas in order to plant new churches.

In late 2008 we returned to North Texas to work with Christ Journey, a young missional church plant in Burleson. After nearly 3 years of cultivating relationships, making mistakes and continually stepping out in faith, Christ Journey sent us out to another part of the community to begin a new church planting work – which we refer to as The Gathering.

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We’re committed to following Christ together in this area – cultivating relationships we’ve been building for several years and constantly looking for ways to connect with others in whom God is at work. I am nearing the completion of a doctor of ministry in missional church studies through the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University (expected graduation, May 2012).

Through my work with Christ Journey, The Gathering and my studies at SMU, I’ve developed a training process for churches and other groups of disciples in missional leadership. This process, called Communitas is largely responsible for the transformation of Missional Monks from a podcast and online network to an equipping and discipleship organization. You can read more about that in the Missional Monks Story

Meanwhile, after having studied under and collaborated with Dr. Elaine Heath at SMU, and helping to launch the Academy for Missional Wisdom – a 2 year-year non-degree program for individuals looking to cultivate missional/monastic micro-communities – I’ve now moved into a full-time position as Director of Operations for the Missional Wisdom Foundation (which runs the Academy and various other ministries.)

I’m also a certified ministry coach through CoachNet. Basically coaching is a tool for helping individuals maximize effectiveness and process through challenges in ministry (especially church planting). I also serve as a coach mentor for the certification process.

I’m very excited about the long-term opportunities in my work with both the Missional Wisdom Foundation and my local church planting efforts with The Gathering. If you’re interested in information for collaborating in church planting check out these RESOURCES. Or feel free to simply make a donation using the Paypal link above!

I also invite you to check out the Missional Wisdom website. If you’re interested in more information about the various ministries we’re involved in, you can find more on the specific pages on this site, or you can contact me at


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Also check out www.mypocketsecrets.com for updates on the crazy antics of the Wellsbrothers (masterfully told by the talented Rachel Wells!)


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