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Coaching is an incredibly powerful and rapidly growing industry. More and more CEO’s are turning to executive coaches to maximize their effectiveness in leading large organizations. At the same time church planters and ministry leaders have also begun to realize the benefit of a coach in the midst launching new projects or simply dealing with the overwhelming list of responsibilities which threaten to derail their vision and calling. I myself have had a coach since 2008 and I can say from personal experience that it has made all the difference in the world.

The experience of coaching is incredibly profound in its simplicity. It is an intentional process of listening and coming alongside a person or a group for the purpose of helping them realize the what’s, how’s and when’s of God’s calling in their lives. A coach is trained to ask powerful questions that move you deeper into and then out beyond an issue in order to develop strategies and paths for effectiveness. Whether your goal is to plant a church, go back to school, restructure a business, or simply develop more intentionality in life, coaching can help.

My own coach helped me transition from preaching in an established congregation to planting churches. He helped me navigate many of the trials of adjusting to the less orderly and defined schedule of a missional church planter. My coach was such a helpful resource as I progressed through my doctor of ministry that I asked him to serve as the field supervisor on my project committee.

Coaching is based on a posture of listening carefully, asking powerful questions and moving toward measurable goals. The direction of the coaching relationship is driven by the client.  The coach is not a therapist, counselor, guru or expert. We are equippers. Coaches believe that most people don’t need an expert to tell them what to do – they just need help sorting through all the extraneous details which so often derail our good ideas and intentions.

I received my initial training and certification in Christian Coaching through CoachNet and Mission Alive. I specialize in working with those who are looking to engage the mission of God more fully across the different aspects of their life. I have worked with entrepreneurs, authors, business managers and owners, teachers, church planters, ministers and ministry leaders in established churches, just to name a few. Whether you are looking to change careers, change the culture of your neighborhood or simply gain more effectiveness in your current endeavors, coaching can be a valuable tool.

If gaining more effectiveness in your career or your life in general is something that you could benefit from, please take a moment to fill out the contact form below. I’d love the chance to talk about how coaching can propel you forward.

I believe so much in the process of coaching that I have also been working as a trainer in the coach certification process.

And now, Missional Monks is offering coach training to a limited number of people who are interested in leveraging the value of coaching principles in their current context.

New rounds of coach training will only be made available as scheduling permits and the number of seats will be limited. If you are interested in more information about training in coaching principles, please use the contact form below and we’ll be glad to talk more.


– Bret Wells, DMin

Coach Member, International Coach Federation

Full Member, ICF North Texas Chapter




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