Missional Monks is committed to more than just talking about missional life and leadership. We offer several training and equipping resources that are Christ centered, field tested, locally focused and community based. For more information on these resources or Missional Monks in general, feel free to Contact Us


This six month collaborative experience in missional leadership is designed for groups (from 3 people to 3000). Communitas is a Latin word which refers to the deep community which is formed through a shared struggle, ordeal or common mission. The Communitas experience doesn’t seek to manufacture that type of experience, it simply recognizes how readily it is available to those who choose to pursue the missional life with others. By combining spiritual formation practices, online learning and dialog and guided (but authentic) engagement with your local context – as a community rather than disconnected individuals – Communitas is poised to simply release the imaginative and transformative potential present within any group of Jesus’ disciples. It is already there. Communitas doesn’t offer some magic solution to all your problems. It simply offers to come alongside you as you seek to move more fully into the life Jesus has called us to…together.  (READ MORE ABOUT COMMUNITAS)

Missional Imagination

Developed as a pilot study during my doctor of ministry professional project, the Missional Imagination course is a microcosm of Communitas. This course is available in a 6, 8 or 10 week format depending on your group’s needs. During the course we combine online learning and dialog with daily missional practices for each individual and a weekly missional challenge for the whole group. This short experience is designed to introduce your group to missional theology and life while reclaiming the power of the missional imagination – a vision of hope and adventure seen through the lens of God’s mission and advancing kingdom. (READ MORE ABOUT MISSIONAL IMAGINATION)

Ordinary, More or Less: A Brief Exploration of Missional Living

Based on the same concepts which provide the foundation for Communitas and Missional Imagination, Ordinary is offered as either a one day, or weekend retreat format. In these brief sessions we will explore the theological and extremely practical aspects of cultivating a missional orientation to faith. This is not a model or program to be installed. It is a lens through which every program, every conversation, every mundane activity and life transforming encounter all gain new perspective. Missional is about “who we are”…once that is firmly rooted the “how we do it” becomes a simple matter of unleashing the missional imagination.



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