The Missional Monks Podcast was started by Bret Wells and Chris Chappotin in the summer of 2010. We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past several months but hope to return soon.  (If you are browsing on a mobile device which is not flash enabled or if you would like to download the podcasts for later, you can search missional monks on iTunes.)

Our first Episode provides an introduction to these podcasts, so we’ll keep it at the top.

Everything else will be posted newest to oldest in order.

 In Episode 1 Bret and Chris discuss the origins and purpose of the podcast. At the time of this recording both guys were in the process of transitioning into a bi-vocational approach to church planting. Chris is still working in elementary education. Bret tried his hand at several jobs (roofing, security, substitute teaching, IT work…) before expanding Missional Monks into an equipping organization in the summer of 2011.

 In Episode 13 we continue our series of discussions referred to as a Missional Postmortem. Wade Hodges speaks openly and graciously about the struggles his family experienced while church planting in Austin, TX. Before church planting, Wade was the preaching minister at the Garnett Rd Church of Christ in Oklahoma. We have been greatly encouraged by the honest vulnerability of Wade and trust that his story will benefit you as well.

 Episode 12 starts a series of conversations about the “dark side” of church planting – what happens when things don’t go as planned. We talk with Les McDaniel, a long time friend, currently living in Austin, TX. Les and his wife Heatherly planted a church just outside of Denton, TX a few years ago. Les shares some seasoned wisdom of someone who has grown through the trials of missional life – don’t miss this one.

 Episode 11 goes down in the trenches with two bivocational, multicultural church planters. After connecting with Dion Peachey via Twitter & the Missional Monks Network, we invited him and his friend, Brian Jones, to join us for an episode. During the podcast, we chat about following Jesus, making disciples, connecting with neighbors in suburbia, “tentmaking” employment, and a number of other expressions of life under the reign of God.

In Episode 10 Bret and Chris talk with Helen Lee – author of The Missional Mom. If the missional conversation doesn’t make sense to mothers with young children then it just doesn’t make sense. And yet, this is precisely how it can seem. With little ones running rampant, many moms feel like trying to intentionally engage ANYONE with ANYTHING is simply too much. Helen has some tremendous thoughts on how we can reimagine this situation.

In Episode 9 we were incredibly blessed to speak with Christine Sine  as she shared stories of missional gardening, connection to creation, and meaningful participation in the Kingdom of God. As a self-described contemplative activist, Christine is holding in paving the way for holding together two aspects of discipleship that are all too often seen as competing mindsets.

 One of the most recognizable names among those working to equip missional disciples, is Alan Hirsch. In Episode 8, Bret and Chris shamelessly use the missional monks podcast as an opportunity for some free coaching by Alan. We talk about the struggles of planting missionally minded churches in the midst of a consumer culture, how to balance a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere with a intentional call to discipleship, and why we must reclaim a theology of risk.

In Episode 7, Chris talks with Jared Looney of Bronx Fellowship of Christ, a network of churches in New York. The conversation points include theological foundations, the excitement and despair of church planting, and stories of God’s in-breaking Kingdom at work in The Bronx. In December 2010, ABC did a special report on the growing trend of Christians choosing to worship in house church contexts, featuring Jared. You can watch the clip here.

 In Episode 6, Bret and Chris talk with Brad Brisco, Church Planting Strategist with the Kansas City Baptist Association. Brad works with existing churches and church planters in starting new churches in urban, suburban, and rural areas of Kansas City. Brad has also been instrumental with the mQuest missional training and the Sentralized Conference, which will be held in Kansas City on September 29-Oct 1, 2011.

Episode 5 brings us into conversation with the man some have called “The Church of Christ Monk.” Randy Harris is a professor at Abilene Christian University and has formed the Monk Warriors, a quasi-religious order for young men at Abilene Christian, experiencing the collision of missional and monastic ways of life in Abilene, TX. We are very excited about his work in equipping young adults in the way of whole life discipleship to Jesus.

 In Episode 4 we connected with Jamie Arpin-Ricci for meaningful conversation. We shared stories of the Kingdom of God breaking into inner city Winnipeg, spiritual formation practices by way of the Franciscans, & the importance of being good neighbors. Jamie has contributed to several books. His newest work, The Cost of Community, is set for release in November, 2011. Jamie has become a friend & conversation partner (expect to hear more from him in later podcasts).

 Episode 3 – JR Woodward is a dream awakener and co-founder of Kairos Los Angeles, a network of neighborhood churches in the Los Angeles area. He serves on the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council as well as on the board for the Ecclesia Network and GCM. In the podcast he shares his journey to Jesus, church planting adventures in Blacksburg, VA and Los Angeles, CA, and an overview of ViralHope, a book he edited involving 50 authors.

 Episode 2: our first conversation with somebody other than ourselves. We talked with Elaine Heath, McCreless Associate Professor of Evangelism at Perkins School of Theology, director of the Center for Missional Wisdom at Southern Methodist University, an Elder in the United Methodist Church, instigator of New Day, director of The Academy for Missional Wisdom, and author of several books. Phew. The audio on this first interview is a little weak…so crank up the volume!

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