The Gathering

Those who have been sent out by Christ have been invited in to share a meal at his table. Those who have experienced the hospitality of the table are urged to go out in search of others who are hungry and lonely. The community of faith is bound up in a continuous cycle of being called and sent by God.

This young church, and new hub for church planting, is called The Gathering. We are a missional church, meaning we acknowledge that our faith is an active sending-out by God to follow Jesus into the dark places of this world. But we who are sent are also called to gather in the name of the Sender…and to gather around others in whom the Spirit is at work. We are the ones who have been sent, we are disciples on mission with God…and we are invited to participate in The Gathering of the faithful.

By choosing to organize with the name, The Gathering, we recognize that we are called together for a purpose. This is not a random or haphazard collection of individuals, but an intentional bringing together of people who have been called to follow Jesus into the dark places. In our desire to live as those sent by God, we do not want to forget our calling to also gather in God’s name.

Our worship is marked by a response to what we’ve seen God doing and anticipation of what we believe is yet to be seen. We proclaim the goodness of God in a world that knows entirely too much pain, false promises and fear.We invite people to share life and the adventure of following Christ with us. We are dedicated to hospitality and walking with others in our daily life and we are also committed to inviting others to join our worship gatherings to hear the stories of God and his people in action.

The Gathering currently meets in homes in and around Burleson, TX. If you are interested in the possibility of forming a missional community in your neighborhood, we would love to help out however we can. Send us an email or find us on Facebook – @

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